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Pearl Care


Pearl Care

The main threat to cultured pearls is chemicals. Cosmetics like perfume, make-up and hairspray contain chemicals that can leave cultured pearls dull and pitted. It is fine to use these products but always put the pearl jewelry on last. When undressing the pearl jewelry should be first thing off.

Avoid wearing pearl jewelry when cleaning the house, gardening and swimming
Many cleansers and detergents contain chemicals like ammonia and chlorine, which can damage cultured pearls. Chlorinated water which is found in swimming pools as well as tap water (to a lesser extent) is also hazardous to cultured pearls.

Clean pearl jewelry with a gem soft cloth
Wipe the cultured pearls gently with a gem soft cloth. Don't use a toothbrush and soapy water to clean cultured pearls. Check the label before using any jewelry cleaning products on cultured pearls. Cleaners that are not "pearl-safe" contain detergents and other chemicals that can dull nacre or cause pitting.

Store pearl jewelry in soft pouch
Store your pearl jewelry in a soft pouch away from other hard jewelry that can damage the pearls. Avoid storing pearl jewelry in bank safe deposit boxes, because the bank safes are humidity free cultured pearls are considered organic colored stones; over time this environment can cause your pearls to crack.

Frequently worn cultured pearls should be restrung once a year.
This will keep your cultured pearls in good condition and ready for daily wear.
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